The Dates are SET and yes, this is a new blog template

Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary! 5 years, and we still haven’t killed each other yet :-). Today, I made a final decision about how I will be getting the Mustang up here – I’ll be picking up the car myself and trailering it up to New Jersey. I am going to rent a U-HAUL van and auto transport trailer – probably without any discounts – but believe me, I haven’t given up on that yet, LOL.

I am leaving on May 3rd for a business trip to San Antonio and then I will fly over to Fort Meyers, Florida on May 6th. THEN I will rent the truck and trailer and haul my Uncle’s Mustang here to Jersey.

It’s all coming together without any real hitches so far. That is if you don’t include the bullshit script errors I had to deal with on the blog tonight. 500 errors galore. I couldn’t access anything for over an hour.

I decided to change the theme back to the original – I was using a theme template called Aruna, and I am not entirely sure that was the culprit, but I wanted to keep on the safe side. This totally sucked and I wanted to throw my mac through a window – but I am finally done, I am cranky and I am going to bed. Really, though – if this is the only hitch I have to deal with, I’ll take it!

Tomorrow, I will reserve the U-HAUL equipment and start planning my trip.

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