Will this be a logistical nightmare?

First off – I am COMMITTED to getting the Mustang brought up here by early MAY. REALLY.

Second – I am leaning towards a auto transport company. I know for sure that these companies are like snake oil salesmen – and already the snakeoilyness has occurred. I have been getting phone calls from these auto transport companies for the past few days – really, voicemails because I haven’t been picking up the phone – I even got a prerecorded message. Cheesy. Won’t be calling that one back.

I actually talked to one that sounded pretty good – now the way they got my name is I filled out a form online, and one of the questions was “is the car running” and I let them know it WASN’T!!! So this one company I talked to sounded good – and was all about quality, reliability – and it was actually a person I was speaking to on the phone. Turns out the great price that they gave me wasn’t valid because they quoted me as if the car was running.

The Mustang hasn’t been running in nearly a decade at least. Have a look at the latest pics (published with the permission of Doug Sr!)

So the gasoline in the tank is probably a decade old, too. There is no way I try to start this car. YET.

More to come – hopefully the next post will be letting you know which auto moving company I will be using. Blech – I hate dealing with folks like this….

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