Savannah Smiles

I was sad to leave Doug and Mary this morning. Unbeknownst to them (I hope) I again had mixed feelings about what I am doing. I need to just move on and get over it. We had breakfast at Bob Evans again (go for the bacon, it’s better than the sausage) and I finished packing up after a brief lost cellphone panic. I would lose my hand if I was able to pull it off my wrist.

Like I was saying, though – it was sad to leave Doug and Mary. If not for Doug, we would never have been able to move the car. Doug was the “idea man” the whole day yesterday and for the most part was the mastermind behind getting the car on the trailer. Mary was my encouragement. Her sweet demeanor and caring nature brought all of the cousins together yesterday which I can’t say enough how cool that was. This morning, she and I had a nice moment when we took a picture together in front of the Mustang before I hit the road. Doug and Mary – if you are reading this, please send me the pic!

My plan was to get to Savannah, and the good news is I made it. I stopped twice along the way to get gas – not only does the truck come stripped down, it drinks like a fish. Oh well….

The first time I stopped for gas, a kid came out from the garage and started to tell me about his ’67 Mustang. He had a look inside my Uncle’s and just like everyone else, he could not believe the condition it’s in. It makes me smile because it is another affirmation as to how well my Uncle and cousin took care of it.

I stopped one more time but drove straight through for the most part. The car is in one piece and the trailer held up like a champ. As we speak, I have the trailer backed up hard to a curb longways across about 6 parking spots in the Baymont Inn and Suites parking lot off of I 95 just outside Savannah. Of course, it’s parked within eyeshot of my room window. My paranoia will have me up every few hours to check on it from my hotel window. I can see the truck fine, but it’s hard to see the Mustang. It’s taking every bit of self control I have not to go out and readjust my parking job so I can see the whole car. If I could, I would put a remote IP camera in my window pointing down towards the car eyeing the area around it for any suspicious movement. The fact that three sheriff’s cars are parked in the lot gives me a bit of comfort – but I assure you I have already checked out the window on the car twice while writing this blog.

Every time I see it I am relieved – and maybe I even crack a smile. I’ll be smiling more tomorrow when I am sitting in Cracker Barrel across the street eating my eggs, bacon and grits! What? Didn’t you read the fifth scenario of what could possibly go wrong with this whole thing? I already scoped out the parking lot. Plenty of good room there for the truck and trailer – but I don’t think there are any windows in the dining room that I can sit by to keep an eye out. I guess I’ll have to deal. It’s either that or skip the grits, and how can that even be a viable option?

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