U-HAUL Rented! Moving forward….

I was thinking about the trip today – a lot. I reserved the U-HAUL truck and trailer, so the arrangements to get the car to Jersey are almost complete! This triggered a surge of anticipation which then was reduced to some short-lived anxiety. I am OK with the whole “going to San Antonio on business and then flying to Florida to stay a night or two with the cousins” thing – and I am OK with driving the truck with the trailer in tow. Been there, done that, and it really isn’t as hard as it might seem.

But it’s my Uncle’s Mustang that will be on the trailer.

My Uncle’s Mustang – the car that I have been wondering about for over a decade now. It’s the car whose restoration I have always dreamt about and now, in a matter of a few weeks, is approaching reality. I asked the question “what could possibly go wrong?” and my overactive, mildly affected ADD thought process obliged with at least a half dozen scenarios:

  1. The tie downs break and the car rolls off of the trailer.
  2. The tie downs break and the car rolls off of the trailer while I am driving down 95.
  3. The car is stolen from the trailer in plain sight in front of the LaQuinta du jour.
  4. The trailer becomes unhitched while I am driving down 95 in Georgia and I don’t realize it until I park at a random Cracker Barrel in South Carolina.
  5. Someone steals the U-HAUL – trailer, Mustang and all, from the Cracker Barrel parking lot while I am eating my scrambled eggs, bacon, and grits.

I have a wandering imagination and I know this about myself. Thusly, I also know that it is not time to worry about this stuff yet, if at all. Leave the anxiety for when the car is actually buckled to the back of the U-HAUL – and even then, just keep moving forward one step at a time. That, the mantra of this whole project – keep moving forward, put one foot in front of the other.

So everything is still falling into place – moving right along – Just one more step, then one more, one more….

2 thoughts on “U-HAUL Rented! Moving forward….

  1. Here are several other things of “what could possibly go wrong” you may not have thought of.

    6. Volcanic eruption in Iceland gets much much worse and covers SW Florida in massive amounts of ash.

    7. SW Florida gets hit by a tsunami.

    8. SW Florida gets hit by a gigantic asteroid.

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