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Dennis Fotopoulos, born in July, 1967 in Passaic, New Jersey, currently resides in Monmouth County and works in Roselle, New Jersey as a Sales Rep. Don’t ask about the job, but feel free to ask about the blog at any time. He loves to tinker with things, beginning projects and not finishing them – and is hopeful and tentatively confident that he will be able to finish this one ;-).

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  1. Den,
    How’s it going; Cool blog; Looks like you haven’t hit too many obstacles yet… Car is gonna look awesome when you get done. Inside look simmaculate… for a car that’s almost 50 years old. Let me know how things are going. Look forward to seeing you next week. Give me a buzz if there’s any last minute details you need me to do.

    • Things are going good Gary – One minor obstacle – the brakes were locked up – but hopefully that will be it. I am nervous with the car outside the hotel LOL! I am hoping to be pulling into town as scheduled and I will call you.

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