The Irony – Fewer Loose Ends and Donald N. Frey, Mustang Designer Dies.

Irony abound today. Doug Jr. called me and gave his blessing to me to get my Uncle’s Mustang and bring it up to New Jersey to restore it. So it is completely official now. I will be bringing the Mustang up here sometime before early May – and I’ve also found a garage to rent to do the restoration!

My friend Gary has a two car garage that he is going to rent me for the time it takes to do the restoration! The only thing that remains now is getting the vehicles to move the Mustang up north from Florida. I am completely elated, but I must also recognize the fact that on the day that the loose ends became a bit tighter, the man responsible for designing the iconic automobile, Donald N. Frey, passed away at 86 on March 5th. Godspeed – and thank you.

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