The New Floors are Here! It should all start to come together now, right??

Floor Pans are here

Floor pans arrived.

I bought the floor pans, seat platforms, grommets and caps for the floors, along with the cowl side panels and floor-to-firewall extensions from CJ Pony Parts on sale. They backordered some of the parts – and I should get those by the end of this week, I hope. During the week we will decide how much of the floor to cut off, how high up on the firewall we want to go, and whether or not we should also repair/replace the lower cowls once we get the cowl side panels off.

Got some good articles, pics, and advice here, here and here. Bobby was right on with his rosette welding strategy, and I think that is definitely what we will do where the previous welds were spot welds. Also, based upon the articles, stitch welding will be necessary as well. The question was do we overlap or but weld the seams. Turns out the discussion on Mustang Forums addressed this very issue – and the winner is…. But the seams in nearly all cases using high-quality seam sealer and a good weld.

This is the fun part. Installing the floor pans will mark the first act of putting My Uncle Pete’s Mustang back together!! I am excited about this and hopefully it marks what will become a relatively timely reassembly of the car. It all depends on finances at this point as well as garage availability – the latter being the more pressing issue of the two because as I mentioned in my previous post, the garage is good for a month to a month and a half.

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