Go Pony, It’s Your Birthday….

Today is my Nephew Michael’s tenth birthday. Double digits, and it feels like only yesterday I was waiting around in the hospital for the first child of the next generation of my immediate family to be born. It’s painfully obvious based on his pension for wiseassery and understandable impatience for the adults (read, ME, haha) that it wasn’t yesterday and yes, in fact, he is most certainly TEN.

Forty four years ago today – a little over a year before I was born – and exactly thirty-four years before my nephew was born, My Uncle’s Mustang rolled off the assembly line in Metuchen, NJ. I was searching forums to find out where abouts the plant was, and I think it was somewhere just south of Interstate 287 on the southbound side of Route 1, but I am not sure. The plant has long been demolished, but leaves behind a legacy that will live long in Ford Mustangs like my Uncle’s.

I was trying to find a vintage picture of the Tahoe Turquoise Mustang Coupe to get an idea of what it looked like off the line – but I haven’t found one. I will. Today has been a day filled with nostalgia – a happy day – and a very Happy Birthday.

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