My Wife’s Reaction

My Wife. She is supportive – and nervous and doesn’t want me to write about her in this blog. I’ll honor that – but I am compelled to put her reaction on the blog because her concerns are all legit.

I have never been the concerning type. Shit happens. If I fail or do not complete something, I move on to the next thing no big deal. I am also not the discerning type and I think that is what makes her nervous. This project could potentially cost a significant amount of our hard earned coin. Admittedly, my thing is that when I find things I like to do – it’s often lots of them at the same time –  and I only do them for as long as I am interested in them. This has been my M.O. forever – and some might say it’s ADD – and believe me when I say it’s as annoying to me as it is to her if not more.

Things that I have started and not finished:

  1. Remember the scale model from my earliest blog? Not finished.
  2. Most books that I have “read” – not finished.
  3. The book that I am writing? Not finished.
  4. Countless projects on the house? Well – some have been finished. Many in fact, but there are many that are not – probably because I was completely sidetracked and distracted by the projects that I finished.
  5. School – hey, I did graduate for shit’s sake!

So God bless her – with all of her support, she basically asks “If we’re gonna put this money into this, are you going to follow this project through?”

I’ll say it again – I hope so, but I am nervous, too. Sometimes I think about how perfectly things have fallen into place with this project and say – “something’s gotta go wrong” and maybe I will get bored? I am gonna keep this going as long as I can – but right now I am committed to finishing this project. I am motivated. I mean, it’s My Uncle’s Mustang!!  I have been thinking about this car for DECADES and I’ve been wanting to get my hands on the car to fix it up since Uncle Pete passed away! This is a dream come true, right? Right. This is a dream. A dream that at any cost I am going to fulfill – and I am blessed to have My Wife’s support. That’s not to say that this won’t cause conflict between us – it might – probably will, but I think only if I let the project go or spend too much money without telling her.

So where are we with this? I have her blessing. We have a budget to get the car here and I am going to pull all stops to ease the financial burden – even go to the extent of asking for sponsorships – but I will not ask for money from friends or family. Just moral support – and My Wife is providing that and much much more.

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  1. Den – It may be interesting for you to know that Uncle Jimmy said he had a ’66 Mustang. Don’t know if he has any pics of it but he happened to mention it when we had them down the other night.

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